My name is Lani Edwards and I am a Landscape, Nature and Travel photographer, based in Cape Town. South Africa.


I spend most of my time exploring and photographing the stunning scenery in and around the Mother City, the desolate beauty of the Karoo, the abundance of wildlife (big and small) throughout South Africa, and whenever I have the opportunity, the vastness of Namibia and other inspiring places across the globe.

My photographs combine my love for the natural word and my obsession with the ever changing quality of light. Each of my photographs express a mood, an emotion and an atmosphere and I am constantly inspired by visiting new places and experiencing different cultures, from meditative landscapes to bustling cities.

Please have a look at my portfolio and if there is an image that speaks to you, let’s do lunch.

PS. 5 things you will never guess when you meet me: I can assemble any Lego building in record time; I have fixed a leaky toilet a few times in my life; I am completely besotted with insects; I suffer from vertigo; I have worn handcuffs on one occasion….