I have been a creative throughout my entire existence. From being an interior architect for most of my adult life, to designing fashion accessories in the sleepless hours of the night, to capturing diverse cultures and environments with an ever present camera in hand.

Self Portrait 001

Photography is my way of visually communicating that what I’m unable to express through words and to explore my own validity, with solitude as the main subject. It is an intensely private journey for me where my own vulnerability is unapologetically exposed.

I am drawn to places and spaces that embrace isolation and a sense of loneliness. A disconnect to other people, to nature, to ourselves. As a recent transplant from Southern Africa to North America, this is more relevant now than at any time in the past. Where I come from and where I find myself now are worlds apart and yet I constantly find similarities and have comparable experiences. My images have evolved over the years as an exploration of my identity and my current state of mind.

It is an ongoing process.

Please have a look at my portfolio and if there is an image that speaks to you, let’s do lunch.

PS. 5 things you will never guess when you meet me:

  1. I can assemble any Lego building in record time
  2. I have fixed a leaky toilet a few times in my life
  3. I am completely besotted with insects
  4. I suffer from vertigo
  5. I have worn handcuffs on one occasion….


Selected Group Exhibitions:

Paris, France                             Composing with Colours

Berlin, Germany                       Emotional Photography

Strasbourg, France                  Borders

Cape Town, South Africa       Art of Photography

Milano, Italy                             Best of 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark          Minimalism

Vienna, Austria                        Solo Subjects

Amsterdam, Netherlands       Creative Composition

London, United Kingdom       Mostly White

Budapest, Hungary                  Silhouettes & Shadows

Singapore                                   Monochrome

Amsterdam, Netherlands       Powerful Composition

The Hague, Netherlands         My Favourite Shots

Cape Town, South Africa        On the Road

New York, USA                          One self



  • 2017 Stanford Nature         1st & 2nd Place
  • 2017 International Photography Awards Street Photography Honorable Mention
  • 2017 International Photography Awards Fine Art Honorable Mention
  • 2018 Getaway Gallery       3rd Place



  • Getaway Magazine
  • Getaway 30-year Safari book

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