A Fist-full of Firsts

I definitely cannot complain of complacency or tedium currently.

So many firsts happening in my little world.

Last year this time I was basking in the balmy glow of a Cape Town summer, quaffing cold sauvignon blanc out of a glass with diamond-drop condensation, all the while with toes scrabbling into warm, sun-kissed sand. Surrounded by mountains, an ocean and the people that I love, the places that are familiar. Nothing new and something that I’ve been able to enjoy for most of my adult life. It would have been frowned on having a glass of wine at the age of nine….sigh.

Thanks to The Rona, I find myself stranded this year in the middle of a landlocked state, enduring grey days, anaesthetising cold and the wonder of snow.

I am relishing this white world every minute while the fluffy stuff is tumbling from above and am transfixed by the falling flakes. They really are all different shapes and the magic of this leaves me giddy with awe. A child-like-wonder-first that is high on my list of most enjoyable moments ever.

As much as it’s pretty, it tends to stick around when the temperature never reaches above 0º Celsius which proves challenging when you have to walk to the mailbox. Shovelling snow is a full body workout and makes up for all those inactive days hiding inside the house. And boy is it loud. I cringe every time that shovel scrapes the ground and disrupts the snow-hush.

Last year just before winter started, I invested in snow-chains for my shoes after I went slipping and sliding on the ice. This morning I had the opportunity to wear them for the first time. I made a promise this winter to feed everything that crosses the yard and that meant that every morning and afternoon I bundle up and venture outside to fill the feeders and make sure there are apples for the deer, seed for the birds and nuts for everything else. The timber deck outside was like an ice rink but with my snazzy crampons I was more sure footed than a mountain goat foraging.

The firsts keep on coming and I say yes to them all especially if the payoff is eye-candy that brings delight and keep the awe alive.

I am happy.

13 thoughts on “A Fist-full of Firsts

  1. WOW!!! WOW!! and WOW!!👏 🙌 👍 😃 I Bow To You.🙏
    I’m in awe Lani. This is the kind of snow photography I wish I could do. I love my mountains, ocean and forest, but we get so little snow here it means a long drive up country to find a storm you may not get home from.

    These should be on Dear Susan. I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding this to the Photo Friday group.

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    1. Aaah John – you make me smile.
      Thank you.

      I’m so thankful that I got to experience a good dollop of snow. Really enjoying the silence and simple beauty this weather is offering!


  2. Amazing, as always.
    Being a born and raised Ohioan that is used to this winter marshmellowland, I love how wonderful this is for you. I envy those who live in that sun and sand but forget sometimes just how beautiful Ohio weather truly is. Seasons change 4 times a year, but ask a true Buckeye and they will tell you to ‘wait 15 mins, it will change again.’
    I don’t enjoy this weather as much as I did as a kid bc as a child winter and snow came with friends, snowball fights, sledding down steep hills, doing ‘donuts in the parking lot’ and snow days. Those were the best times! Now, as an adult we have forgotten how to have fun as we did so many years ago, as a child. Although I have gone sledding several times since my childhood and gotten into some serious snowball fights! And we won’t talk about the donuts in the parking lot bc it was my Dad’s car….Snow is white, pure and clean (except the yellow..stay away from it) and reminds us that just like the seasons, things can change and we can begin again.

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    1. Absolutely!! It’s a reprieve and an opportunity to appreciate the simple things nature offers us.
      So happy I could bring back memories of fun snow times for you!
      Thank you my friend xx


  3. As always your words are most profound and entertaining. I’m sitting indoors with a mild, yet invigorating Black South Easter bombing the roof, the sea is choppy and uninviting, the trails would be challenging, yet as beautiful as the photos are that you have posted, I remain blissfully thankful I live in the Cape. However its pleasing that you have settled in. Rudes..tribe member

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