Central European Road Trip 2016 Part 1: Yes. I can be a princess.

Long before I even smelled jet-fuel, I was as excited as a kid before Xmas about this epic road trip and researched the hell out of it. And thank you very much for acknowledging my anal retentiveness. I am proud about that not-very-endearing quality of my personality – it sometimes does come in handy.

The Husband and I were visiting ten cities in three weeks and there was no time to dilly-dally, if we wanted to see and visit all the places that was worthwhile. I ended up compiling my own travel guide, tailor made for our taste and interest….which you would realize if you know me, rotate around food, booze and shoes. For every day that we spent in a specific location, I planned a sightsee and shopping map within walking distance from where we stayed. All neatly printed out on Google maps, indicating the distance as well (never more than 7km) so that The Husband can be emotionally prepared and won’t faint before we tie our laces. He is a trooper indeed and has stopped trying to convince me to take public transport.

Apart from our own personal travel guide, I also applied my OCD-ness to my travel wardrobe and am extremely proud of what I’d packed. For a notorious over-packer it was medal time when my suitcase weighed in at a mere 14kg when we locked the front door. But more about that in another post.

The only bleak spot on the travel horizon, was the looooong flight ahead and even for someone who loves flying and wishes she was an airhostess in the 50’s on Pan Am, this was definitely not the highlight of the trip. So I did what I do extremely well and started shopping online to make the trip more bearable.

Say hello Flight Hammock! This is a nifty gadget that makes the most of the space available for your legs in cattle class. You hook it over the tray in front of you and you instantly have a leg up. Got to love those Aussies!20161024-img_4962

Sadly (NOT), I never did get to try out this leg hammock because, darling dearest Husband, got us business class tickets. And yes it was a spoil and yes I didn’t want to know how much it cost (all shoe-shopping related you understand and that will just be devastating) but jislaaikit, it was damn amazing to travel in style!! They do make you feel special and I loved the toiletries, and the champagne and the cutlery and to actually lie flat and sleep was a nice change from drooling on the window.

Still, it is so sad that you have to fork out a shit load of money to experience what flying use to be like. Glamorous and exciting should not cost that much.

Would I jump at the chance again while I’m perfecting to be an ostrich?

Hell yes! To be a princess for 11 hours is always a good thing and what a way to start a holiday!

Love & Light

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